Friday, March 06, 2015

New cat and a change of workplace

   I am now the new minion of a calico girl named Gratuity, Tip for short. The name is from one of my favorite young readers book. [In fact it is being made into a movie to be released next summer.]
   My new girl is less than 6 months old. She was found in the backyard of a good friend, who with the aid of my DS may it impossible for me not to take her into my life.
   The new workplace is due to the fact that my library system has determined to laterally transfer me. Unfortunately this will mean that I will no longer be working at the beautiful building I was so proud of being contacted with. I am being moved to a  department that I actually interview with not that long ago. I had been rejected. What really makes me anxious it that I wonder if any case was may for me to stay at my current place. But that is neither here or there,  the change over will take place before the end of March. Due to staffing needs I have been warned that my evening and Saturday hours will stay in place.
   I am taking this change as a start of new direction. I still have a full time job with insurance and have been told that my work is meeting acceptable standards.


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